welcome to baby + bloom photo

Baby + Bloom Photo is a birth and lifestyle brand of Hannah Maria Photography. Still the same person - just a different look.

I created Baby + Bloom Photo to separate my two loves: weddings and births. For a long time I thought I could only choose one. I thought I would have to leave one behind after working so hard to build it up. And one day it came to me. The name, the idea, everything. Baby + Bloom Photo is a safe place for mothers and mothers-to-be, birth stories, and organic family portraits that promote the pre-existing love within your home. 

My goal is to bring out the love, joy and never-ending chaos that is your home - beautiful in its own design.

I have no kids myself but do hope to be a mother someday. For now, I'm just photographing.

Drop me an email and say hello. Whether you are an inquiring mother, photographer wanting to connect or you just want to meet. I'd love to hear from you!