dallas, tx photographer / newlywed / lover of people and Light / documenting stories of life, love + everything in between

hey, friend!



Thanks for dropping by! I started my photography business in May of 2017 but I've been shooting all my life. I've always been interested in photographing people and moments - especially the mundane. And I keep them always, because why not?

I'm a native southeast-Texan-turned-Dallasite doing life with my husband and best friend. I studied photojournalism in college and learned to document authentic stories of love and life - and sometimes the tragedies that come with it. So I learned to take a documentary style approach to my wedding photography. I am a storyteller at my core.

I believe that ALL stories are worth telling. Whether you're getting married, having a baby or just wanting to celebrate being alive, it's worth documenting. 

But I'd love to hear from YOU! Shoot me an email and let's get coffee. 


Much love!